Dear Diary: found A friend

HI Mum,

Me and Amber are doing good. we moved into our apartment a few days ago and I met the neighbours quite by accident. I guess Amber sensed them or something she’s still not talking  (at least not to me. She’s talking Blarffy’s ear off.)

07-14-17_1-47-21 PM07-14-17_1-51-58 PM07-14-17_1-53-08 PM07-14-17_1-53-34 PM

Anyway yeah while I was making  burning breakfast she snuck out into the hall and started talking to our neighbours (a little boy and his Dad).

07-14-17_1-50-05 PM

I rushed out expecting… well I don’t know what I was expecting but I was sure it was going to be bad and involve us packing up and disappearing. But they were like us!! Anakin was being raised by his human Dad.

His Dad recognised us or more the little yellow girl (He used to be a janitor at the Agency and offered to join the program)

07-14-17_1-29-58 PM07-14-17_1-32-53 PMHe promised not to hand us in but gave me a huge lecture about our schooling oh and a fruitcake that looks a bit Bleugh. 🙂

No seriously though Anakin is home-schooled and can you believe Mr Snood offered to teach Amber too. He’s a great guy and has given me details of a website run by others in similar positions to us. I’m a little nervous but I may have a look and see what it’s about.

I’m gonna check out tomorrow. I’ve already packed a lunch for Amber’s first day at school and have to make a start on my homework before I go to bed.


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11 thoughts on “Dear Diary: found A friend

      • Me too Archibald is one of my favourite sims I created him a while ago and thought with his unusual look he would understand his adopted sons difficulties fitting in. Both he and (toddler)Anakin are in the gallery although they contain cc as Anakin has a little Darth Vader outfit as his formal wear.

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  1. Oh I am so happy they met the Snood’s and Anakin is one of the 100! Yes! Oh this is really an exciting chapter. I loved every minute of it. Yeah, school….what do you do, homeschool and keep them sheltered, public school where they might be picked on, or a private school…but the expense…decisions.. Oriana is still a toddler, so haven’t thought about that aspect yet. Great reading!

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    • Anakin is one of the 100 and in his friendship with the girls will highlight some of Amber’s differences. The question of school is a difficult one in this challenge because you have to think about how it will affect your young one and the world around him/her. Since my Girls are in hiding Homeschooling was our only option.

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  3. Yes they found him at just the right time. The girls were struggling and school was a big concern for both of them. Archie is the lifeline they need.

    The apartment is/was the Jang’s apartment. I love it, sooo colourful and suits our unique little family’s style.


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