Dear diary: Homework Club


Great news I managed a work around for the homework problem. I started a homework club for Me Amber and Anakin. First day was a bust but it’s working as intended now.

The first day I woke up at 5 am and prepared breakfast I called Amber and Anakin to breakfast then got to work on my own homework hoping seeing me would motivate them unfortunately they spent the time yammering away until 8am.It was at that time that they decided to take their homework books out just to put them away again to leave for school.Polaroid Picture Frame:

Polaroid Picture Frame: Picture Frame:

I tried again that same day after school and box checked homework is complete. Proud Mama Sister Bear here. 🙂

Polaroid Picture Frame:

Hmmm.. What else has happened.. Had a visit from Mr Jang he was the previous tenant. He and his family left in a rush and left all their furniture behind which was a blessing for us as we had nothing when we moved in. He claimed to have come to collect something he’d left although he couldn’t find it.

Amber hid the whole time he was here searching for his important item. I’ve never seen her so afraid. her reaction to him frightened me to be honest. I found her in the closet, tears streaming down her face. She wouldn’t say why she was afraid of him. So I’m feeling nervous again, I love this apartment and our neighbours but he know’s we live here.

Polaroid Picture Frame: Picture Frame: Picture Frame: Picture Frame: Picture Frame:’m going to pack up what i can and prepare for another move. I’m so scared.

Wish you were here xx


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