A letter to Cassia

Reply to Dusks first letter from Cassia Rambler

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Alcove

Bedrock strait

Oasis Springs

Os1 4EA

Hello Cassia, (and Jack)

Thanks for choosing me to be your Pen pal, Congrats on the recent Marriage and the pregnancy. I read your profile so many times that I feel like we’ve already met. I am still shocked that anyone would intentionally choose me to write to.


Your have a lot going on in your life, I feel like you maybe a little disappointed in my letters and probably not too impressed with my spelling and grammar (I didn’t finish school you see and home schooling wasn’t an option) You being a professional writer kind of has me wondering whether I was the best choice for you. You on the other hand are exactly what I was hoping for in a pen pal. you can regale me with stories of your interesting life and experiences and I can live the life of adventure indirectly.

I don’t really know what a family legacy entails but it sounds like it’s hard work having to revitalise a whole area with not much money. What do you do for food? Do you grow your own vegetables. I get you don’t eat fish I’m not a fan myself just one whiff of mum’s pan fried tilapia makes me heave, And she makes it often as her customers love it apparently (she’s a caterer for parties and weddings when not washing dishes at the local restaurant) I myself love grilled cheese sandwiches.

Sleeping in a tent sounds like it could be a lot of fun, well once in a while. I didn’t think they made them big enough for 6 people to live in, The ones I’ve seen have been really small and I value my privacy and the safety of my 4 walls too much I don’t think I would have coped.

Your idea about the bullies made me chuckle out loud (well it was more of a snort!) My mum came running she thought I was choking as she hadn’t heard me make that sound before, scared the life out of her. It shocked me a little as well to be honest.

Cassie will be proud our sessions are usually her talking and me counting down the hour till she leaves. Sounds awful now I see it on paper, But it is one of the things were working on.

I haven’t seen a storm nor a bear come to think of it. Maybe I should add them to My  list of things to do and experience.  Cassie she’s my therapist asked me to write a list of things I wanted to achieve and thanks to you I think I’ll be crossing number 1 off. ( 1. Make a friend)


I’m happy that you chose me and hope we can continue writing and getting to know each other.

Your New Friend,

Dusk Mann

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