Me Again

Hello again my friend,

How are Things with you? Me, I’ve been busy busy busy. After moving into my (Non-existent) home. I took the quickest look around the neighbourhood and nipped straight to the public toilet across the street.(since I don’t have one of my own, Thanks for that!)

My plan was to fish, fish and fish then sell Whatever I’d caught. Everything was going to plan until I nearly wet myself, starved and collapsed from exhaustion and realised in my haste to build my fishing skill I’d completely forgotten to sell the fish I had caught. After restoring my needs via. public Loo, Park bench and Public grill (at extortionate prices can you believe grilled fruit cost $14) I had only $236 left so the next few days followed the same pattern. Although I had to resort to eating the spoiled food in my inventory just to keep from starving.

It took a while but eventually I had earned the Application fee and was able to call around for employment. I know Tech guru pays a whopping $31 an hour and would be the smart option but I really want to do something I’ll enjoy. I’m opting for a career in science

My first day isn’t for a few days. So I think I’ll try frog breeding. There are a few frog logs around the lake and I’m going to see if those strawberries near the grill are finally ripe. I would love to grow my own as strawberries are my absolute Fav. (I know you don’t like them much but I bet if you tasted these Amazing Simberries you’d soon change your mind)

Probably boring you a little now, I guess I’m starting to feel a little lonely and you know how much I like to talk. XD  Hoping to make a load of new friends at work. so until then you’ll be my own personal social bunny.XD

Take care sweetie, Write soon xx

Charlii Mai

Ps.  Don’t forget to check out the Pictures

09-17-15_5-01 PM-2 09-17-15_5-02 PM 09-17-15_5-07 PM-2 09-17-15_5-07 PM-3 09-17-15_5-14 PM 09-17-15_5-16 PM 09-17-15_5-17 PM 09-17-15_5-18 PM 09-17-15_5-24 PM 09-17-15_5-25 PM 09-17-15_5-50 PM 09-17-15_5-50 PM-2 09-17-15_5-51 PM09-17-15_5-30 PM

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