It’s just you and me kid

Ollie woke with the realisation he’d taken on too much. It was quiet now but how long would it last. He’d listened as Sapphire woken early and taken the little girl downstairs for breakfast.  He’d waited for the screams but heard nothing but giggles.

06-30-17_2-17-27 PM06-30-17_2-20-02 PM

Joining them at the counter he felt like an intruder. They were so content just being in each others company.

06-30-17_2-23-00 PM

“Dad. Did you know Amber absolutely loves grilled cheese?”   Sapphire asked.

“Amber?” Ollie was baffled

“Oh yeah I call her Amber isn’t it just the perfect name for her”

“yeah , I’m a lucky guy got two beautiful Gemstones in my life.” He stood up and kissed both girls on the forehead. ” Just going out to the Gym be gone a few hours do you think you’ll be ok babysitting.” 

Sure Dad, See you later “

Ollie placed a letter on the sofa, grabbed his bag and was out the door.

06-30-17_2-28-14 PM06-30-17_2-30-57 PM


Ollies leaving letter


Sapphire cursed under her breath but remained calm. using the credit card  she searched online for cheap apartments.

She Packed as much as she could, Grabbed her little sister and waited outside for her cab to arrive.

06-30-17_2-33-31 PM06-30-17_2-39-48 PM06-30-17_2-41-21 PM

<<—Day1 :Amber                     The Challenge begins—>> 


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