Dear Cassia

In response to Cassia’s letter.

Mr Dusk Mann,

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Dear Cassia,

Time sure flies doesn’t it. Your little minnows are already teenagers. You look so happy on your camping trip and you finally met a bear. You beat me to it although it’s not really surprising nor are Dace’s good grades, of course he’s a smart kid look who raised him.

I too am excited to see your park, I’m really looking forward to seeing the pictures. Your new dancing partners look fun too although I find them a little creepy looking. I should be used to all the weirdness in the world by now but there seems to be something new everyday. Confused by the cake thing though,  I assumed they’d produce some kind of milk ?

Sorry for worrying you yet again. I’m doing ok. although things have changed a lot again. I don’t even know how many lifetimes have passed since I last wrote.

I’m alone again but I feel like a different man. So I guess that my positive here is I am no longer afraid or anxious. I am still a vampire and even that doesn’t taste so bad to say aloud.

I’m Probably just confusing you now better get to the point and start explaining since you ask of the gypsy.


Olive reached out to her a madam Lakshmi Wilson.  She came over but refused to meet with me. however she was happy to sell a bottle of her Vamprocillin-D vampire cure to us. We were overjoyed we thought our search was over.


I wasted no time and started to drink the glowing purple liquid but before I managed to finish it I felt dizzy and fainted. That’s all I remember but on waking a few days ago I was presented with a pile of letters from my sweet Ophelia that explained the rest.

The Gypsy was not who she appeared to be she was in fact a descendant witch of a vampire hunting coven. There is no cure only a poison which is what she had given us. However since I had already taken the experimental formula from 3 lakes the two formula’s had reacted and sent me into a deep sleep instead.


Madam Lakshmi Wilson had disappeared and nothing could be done to wake me. So I had been placed in my coffin and watched over by my family.

My family!!

I had no idea Ophelia was pregnant. Why had she kept it from me??


We had a Daughter she named her Amore Mann. I never got to meet her they passed away centuries ago. I do have hundreds of pictures although it’s not the same as being there. I couldn’t be there for her, she never had a father. I managed to ruin another life without even knowing of her existence.

Instead of Wallowing in self-pity again. I am resuming my search for a cure. I am leaving Midnight Hollow and my 11 x Great grandchild Cara Nigmos-Mann to travel the world and hopefully discover a way back to my old life.

Oh I nearly forgot to mention  have ruby by my side again. She returned the night i was poisoned and has kept watch over me ever since.

I hope you and the family are doing well, Say Hi to jack from me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love Dusk.

Ps. I’ve sent you a few of the pictures of my family.


Goodbye Cassia >>