Passing Time

A lot has happened since I last wrote didn’t mean to leave it so long but well life has been hectic. I Had another baby shortly after Mahalo’s Last Birthday. She’s a beautiful little girl now (They grow so fast don’t they!) Her name is Angel she’s my little Mini me. I adore her as do the rest of the family.

Micah is now a teenager With a girlfriend her name is Ivy Lane. I met her when she caught me ransacking her garden (she has so many unusual plants I just couldn’t help myself) she didn’t mind though she was struggling to maintain the garden since her mother had passed away.

Rocket is top level secret service. He claims he was given the job by EA and didn’t even have to bother earning the relevant skills as they saw his potential and hired him on the spot. The Money definitely helps so I’m not even going to question it.

Mahalo passed away a few days before Micah’s YA birthday we did invite Ivy over but he just wasn’t in the mood to celebrate none of us were really we just hoped it would take our minds off our loss for a few minutes. At least the Kids have someone to help them through their grief. Micah has Ivy , Amaryliss has Rocket and Angel has her cousin Jackie. I have work, my garden and space travel. And being Surrounded by my wonderful family I’m not as lonely as I thought I would be.

Hope things are good with you.

Charlii Mai xx


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