Interlude: Snood Song

Anakin woke just in time to watch as his father disappeared from view. He knew it was the Shirjotu. uf His first thought was Amidala and Aayla. Had they come to take them back?  He checked on his sisters and found them sound asleep in their beds.10-24-17_9-27-44 PM

He was afraid for his father but hoped like the last time he would return with no memories of the hurt he would no doubt experience. He sat near the window waiting for him to return.10-24-17_9-51-58 PM

As he waited his mind raced.

Where had they taken him and why?

How did they find us?

Do they know about me and the girls?

Are they going to give him back?

His last question was answered by the thud that shook him from his thoughts. He ran to the front door and saw his father get up from the ground and walk towards him with a smile.10-24-17_9-48-44 PM10-24-17_9-48-18 PM

They Embraced and without a word returned to their beds.

10-24-17_9-43-09 PM


Anakin waited till his sisters had finished breakfast and set off to school in their disguises.

10-24-17_2-47-08 PM10-24-17_3-03-37 PM10-24-17_3-10-10 PM

He tidied the table and made a big steaming cup of Run Oolong, Which was his Dad’s favourite tea and took it to his room.10-24-17_2-59-00 PM10-24-17_3-18-07 PM

Archie was still sound asleep as Anakin had expected after last nights abduction. He set the cup down on the bedside table and gently shook his father awake.

“Dad, We need to talk about last night. Do you remember what happened to you?”

“Yes of course. I was just out looking at the stars. I must have drifted off. Sorry to have worried you son”

“But Dad that’s not wh….”


“But Dad you were tak..”

“ENOUGH!..” Archibald shouted “I’m fine, Just a little tired.  Go start work on your bridge project.”

10-24-17_3-23-00 PM

Anakin did as he was told.  He wasn’t used to his dad losing his temper like this. It was so out of character. What had the shirjotu done to him?10-24-17_3-27-42 PM10-24-17_3-28-56 PM

Later that day Anakin decided to find out. He directed his thoughts and focused on his Dad.

He focused but for the first time he couldn’t see, He couldn’t hear or feel his father thoughts, There was nothing but darkness. Like everything had been locked away.  He tried and tried to break through until his head started to spin and he felt queasy.

10-24-17_3-36-36 PM

Why isn’t it working? What’s wrong with me? Anakin panicked and started to doubt his ability.  His telepathy had always been strong. Why wasn’t it working now?


Archie Sent his 3 children to bed It was late and he had a lot of work to do.

10-24-17_3-52-02 PM

Search: The most powerful and influential leaders of the sims world 2017


Anakin tried his telepathy on his father many times over the next few weeks but hit the same wall each time. He had no problem using it to talk to his Sisters. They were very much like Archie able to receive but not initiate a telepathic connection.

Something was blocking Anakin from his fathers thoughts. This worried him immensely. If this was a box like the last time.  He couldn’t imagine what they had put him through that would require a box this big.

Anakin was tired but he gave it one last try. He waited until his father had fallen asleep.

He focused on the wall, The Darkness and pushed until it crumbled. The Visions were so clear , There was no pain, no fear this time it was like a movie.archwall10-24-17_1-58-30 PM10-24-17_1-59-07 PM10-24-17_2-18-56 PM10-24-17_2-22-15 PM

Anakin shook himself loose from the horror of the memory.

10-24-17_3-25-23 PM

There was no time, He woke his Sisters and they disappeared into the night.



Anakin took his family to the only place he’d felt safe. He knocked the door and waited for a familiar face.10-24-17_7-48-14 PM10-24-17_7-53-00 PM

The door was opened by an older lady

“Morning sweetie, You three are up early,  Can I help you?”

10-24-17_7-53-18 PM10-24-17_7-57-59 PM

“I’m looking for a friend. A young lady. She lives here.”

“I’m sorry Dear but I’m the only lady that lives here.”

Anakin headed back down to the street.10-24-17_8-16-15 PM He just didn’t know what to do.

He wanted to scream, shout and cry but he had to stay strong for the little ones.

Using his Inside talk he reached out to the only family he could.10-24-17_8-17-34 PM

Snood Song

ti, pi, ki, EAa Mokogotu

E paya, E Zimi, E Yo Aspi Aa Golan

EAa Mastikopa, Kopilokitak, Kopilokitak.

Shirjotu Uki Bizaabgotojo, A Xirra, A joluhoplo, A Retijotu

Gopan Diyoo; nana 01+9-

Gohan lespa

Yo Yo Godi

(Snood Song Translated:

1, 2, 3, My sisters and me.

I sing, I cry, I can’t tell them why.

We are alone, Danger, Danger 

The bad person took my caregiver, His life, His name, His skin.

What should I do? Where do I go?

I just Don’t know! )


Anakin was broken. He had no idea how he was going to protect his sisters. As he fought to hold back the tears he heard a song inside his head and knew it was for them.

ti, pi, ki
Oo in’i E
Vendrufē. Vendrufē.
Sal, sal. Doxni, sal.
Liyu, vendrufē.
Oo in’i E,
ti, pi, ki

(Song translated:

one, two, three
you belong with me.
Come, come.
It’s safe, safe. We’re free, safe.
In time, come.
You belong with me,
one, two, three)

10-28-17_8-01-55 PM

They were no longer alone.

10-28-17_8-10-25 PM

A/N A huge thank you to Cathytea. The reply song was written by Cathytea and Septemus sevens from her story Septemus, my son. This chapter is part of a collaboration you will find the next part of Anakin’s story on her blog right here: Septemus 74


[The Snood family house is a creation by 123and4Sims and can be found here: Vermont Avenue]

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