Day 1: Ollie


06-30-17_11-05-15 AM

Oliver Purdue paced the floor of his new home. He hadn’t had one of his own in quite some time the past few years he’d been bumming around the city, sofa surfing in his friends apartments, never settling down until now.

It felt strange but also good he’d applied to the agency out of curiosity. He was nosy and had discovered the project after rifling through his last hosts mail and decided to take on the challenge. “I mean it’s not like Raj needed a new house and at least Ollie was not a complete newbie where kids are concerned.

It’s true Ollie was already a parent he had a teenage daughter in Willow creek, Granted he hadn’t seen her in six or seven years the agency wouldn’t need to know about that.

He read the letter again. 

Mr Oliver Purdue,

5 Asphalt Abodes


Nc1 4EA

Dear Mr Oliver Purdue,

  Welcome to government program H9110. Please remember Everything you do or see from this point on is highly classified.
We have provided you with some funds and a small plot of land on which you must build your new home, A government appointed social worker has been assigned to you and will arrive at 8am 19/6/2017 to check suitability of your accommodations and you will be provided with one of the orphaned alien children for which to care.

You might think you are experienced in parenting human children…but these aliens are extremely difficult to understand, I don’t just mean speech…they don’t know how to talk yet. Figuring out their body language is a mystery too. With the skills you listed in your application I have no doubt you are qualified to cope with any issues that may arise. Newcrest is a purpose-built neighbourhood/ housing complex and will also house others in your situation, though we ask that you not co-habitate with them.  Your new charge is your priority giving him/her the best chance at life in this planet is imperative.

We wish you luck!

Ollie folded the letter and put it in his back pocket. He was stressed and worried they’d discover his fabricated resume and he’d be kicked out of the project and now his circumstances had changed. Would he lose his new home?

He saw the car pull up and greeted the older gentleman at the door. As he stepped inside a little Giraffe followed close behind and shot off towards the sofa disturbing its sleeping occupant.  Ollie frowned as he looked over at the rising mound on the sofa, Then back at the social worker to gage his reaction.  

06-30-17_11-06-23 AM06-30-17_11-05-29 AM

Before the social worker could remind Ollie of the classified nature of the program he blurted out.My Ex-wife passed away suddenly, This is my Daughter Sapphire she’s going to live with me we have no other family. Please don’t kick me out of the project its not my fault. I can do this we will be a family and the child will always be my priority…” 

“Mr Purdue, In any other circumstance I would be bound by the rules of the project but as per your application you are our most experienced candidate. We may be willing to continue as long as the accommodation is satisfactory. We do however need to discuss the child we are placing in your care. She is a special case. We believe she is an anomaly as she appears different to the others however her behaviour is similar.  The reason for her differing appearance is currently unknown. We are hoping with your guidance and co-operation to discover more.” The social worker stated.

After touring the house and making notes on his clipboard the social worker shook Ollie’s hand and handed him a form. ” Please fill this in and send it back to head office within the next two days. Good Luck with everything My Purdue, I’ll see myself out”. he smiled as he closed the door behind himself. 

06-30-17_11-38-08 AM06-30-17_11-40-35 AM06-30-17_11-41-03 AM06-30-17_11-33-05 AM


Ollie had forgotten how exhausting it was caring for a child and this one was much more challenging she seemed to cry whenever he was near her and cried when he was not. He was confused, stressed ,tired, tense in the space of 24 hours he’d been though more emotional states than he’d been aware existed.

He gave up trying to guess what the child wanted and went straight to bed. He would figure it all out in the morning.

06-30-17_12-55-15 PM


Day 1: Sapphire–>>


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