Sapphire and Amber Contents Menu

This is an attempt at the Alien Adoption Challenge by Pinstar. details can be found at

The story is also part of a collaborative effort with a few other Simlit writers details can be found here: AAC Collab

My Attempt set-up varies slightly from the original rules to start but only to fit my story. We start with a parent and teenager and our Adoptee. But will settle into life with 1 caregiver and our Alien Toddler.

This story will be written in diary format.

Day 1/Prologue

  1. Day 1: Ollie
  2. Day 1: Sapphire
  3. Day 1: Amber
  4. It’s just you and me kid

The Challenge begins

  1. Dear Diary: Entry 1
  2. Dear Diary: Entry 2
  3. Dear Diary :Entry 3
  4. Dear Diary: New Entry
  5. Dear Diary: Move
  6. Dear Diary: found a friend
  7. School Dayz
  8. Answers

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