Dear Diary: New Entry

Hi Mum,

I know I write the same thing every day the last 6 months have been pretty repetitive and I guess both me and Amber have been feeling a little trapped and lonely. she seems to be handling it better than me though she talks to her pink teddy all the time,

Polaroid Picture Frame: Picture Frame:

I’m usually trying to get some sleep. She’s been having a lot of bad dreams. At first she used to wake me, but now she makes her magic mess before coming to my room to scream the place down.

She’s easy to settle, I guess I should be grateful. As long as I play with her and am always close by she’s happy and thriving. She’s already completed level 3 potty training and got level 5 Imagination.

We are still working on her communication she babbles a lot but nothing that makes sense to me yet. I’ve tried flash cards but I don’t think I have enough patience for them I much prefer reading stories and she seems to love my books. I’ve written a few more and even managed to get a publisher for the last one. It’s called Sunny and the Blue moon Its her favourite and it earns me a whopping $75 a time. My self published works only earn me $3 – $5 at time. so you know this is amazing.

book cover

We have been living off what’s left of our saving so the extra money just tops it back up. There is nothing much to tell. Amber still has the strange mark on her forehead but aside from the nightmares she seems fine. I don’t know if the two are connected but they both appeared/ started at the same time. I wish I knew more but I guess we’re both just learning as we go along.

Anyway gonna head to bed before Amber’s bad dreams wake her. Fingers crossed I’ll get a full nights sleep tonight.

Love and Miss you loads,

Love Sapphire

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6 thoughts on “Dear Diary: New Entry

    • The nightmares started suddenly and she seemed to have them every night for a while which made things hard for Sapphire. she was always tired from being woken. Strangely they did occur after I entered cas to give Amber the Mysterious mark on her head. The mark is something that will be explained eventually. Thanks for reading!

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  1. It’s thanks to the bond they have as sisters they are and will do better than they would have if Ollie was still around. And as far as the mark on her forehead All will be revealed in due time. Thanks for reading!


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