Dear Tazer 1541z (Letter 4)

In response to Giuliana’s letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann,

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Dear Tazer 1541z,


 How are you, I like the new club rule. It reminds me of my Grandpa Mann he had a saying ..The truth is a powerful thing be careful how you use it. I think he meant that words can hurt sometimes. So be careful what you say and how you say it.

I do believe in Mathematics I just don’t understand it much. Your Tutor sounds fun, you will be busy learning all about the world, stars, The universe and Mathematics. You’ll be so well prepared for college I think you’ll have to tutor me when I find my way home.

My favourite food is actually grilled cheese sandwiches but both olive and I are terrible cooks and it always ends up burnt on one side. So she cooks me Melty, gooey, Super cheesy Mac and cheese instead. Which is so delicious and warming I just want to curl up with a bowl and go to sleep.

 You haven’t seen any dogs in the city yet. I reckon they are probably kept safe in their apartments. The city does look like quite a busy place. It may be a bit overwhelming for a dog to spend time out on it’s own. Ruby gets startled easily, loud noises and lights make her run away maybe you’ll see one when you get older and the pets have had time to adjust to the sights and sounds of the big city.  Ruby is a great dog she visits often and loves having her belly rubbed. I’ve included a photo of her. I want to adopt her but she’s still too nervous around people.



Ruby and Me


I have found an amazing friend called Ophelia she makes me smile a lot and reading letters from my brilliant friend makes me smile till my jaw aches. Have a super day with your tutor.


Ophelia, Me,  Teddy Denim  and Olive

Looking forward to your next letter ,


Your Friend, Dusk Mann

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