Hi Charlii,

I Know I promised to wait a month to write again but I could not wait to tell you.

I met someone, He’s Absolutely Gorgeous, I spotted him a few times walking by my lot. So I used the age-old excuse of Oh No I’ve lost a contact to wonder over and accidentally bump into him.(I wonder what he’ll think when he finds out I don’t wear contacts :-D) His Name is Mahalo Mahan, We don’t have much in common to be honest but we get on like a house on fire.

I told him all about the challenge and he thinks it’s amazing. Now he visits almost daily to see how I’m getting on. He’s really active and loves sports, got a bit of a Bro personality and just like me he’s family orientated. (That’s promising!)

I guess that’s my lot for now.

I’ve included a few more pictures  so you can see the improvements I’ve made to the place . I am trying to get all the basic’s in place so I can ask Mahalo to move in. My sweetheart is here everyday anyway. I’ll let you know how that works out in the next letter.

Take care, All my love to the family xx

Charlii Mai

09-18-15_9-50 AM 09-18-15_9-56 AM 09-18-15_9-57 AM 09-18-15_10-02 AM 09-18-15_10-04 AM 09-18-15_10-04 AM-2 09-18-15_10-04 AM-3 09-18-15_10-05 AM 09-18-15_10-10 AM-2 09-17-15_7-01 PM 09-17-15_7-04 PM 09-18-15_9-48 AM

>Next Letter (Me and my Mahan)>


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