Hi Bunny.

Hi Bunny,

In my last letter I told you I was going to try frog breeding. I was terrible at it, I always seemed to end up with one of the same two frogs that were worth only $10 gave up on that and Harvested those strawberries I told you about. I may be a little greenfingered as I planted two on my home lot ( I also planted Mushrooms and some flowers) and they’re already growing I did sell the rest and I also sold the crystals I found. That money paid for a shower, Toilet enclosed in a tiny room and camp bed in a partial room.

I’m working on the making friends thing. There were some people at my usual fishing spot, 3 ladies and a cutie called Ryan Nair. One of the ladies got super defensive and threatened to throw me in the lake  if I didn’t stay away from Ryan, I’m sorry to say I did lose my temper and give her a bit of a talking to.

I was Nearly late for my first day because of that incident at the lake, I did make it though and can you believe 3 of my colleages are Related to Ryan there’s Cara Nair, Lex Nair and Aimee Nair all siblings (small world eh)

You did say in your last letter that you thought science would become repetitive and boring. you are right about it being a lot of repetitive tasks but I’m still having fun with it. I’ve created a few of my own Inventions (I’m having breakthroughs all the time gardening and showering works wonders to get the Scientific juices flowing). My favourite invention is my Thingamyjigger (aka Simray). I’ve Improved it and now it transforms objects, I’m using it to help me raise funds Transforming those $10 frogs and my unfinished Glasses of milk and juice into something valuable I can sell.

Anyway this new job is wiping me out. I’m gonna have an early night,

Till next time Hunny Bunny xx

Charlii Mai

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