Dear Diary: Answers

Hi Mommy,

Polaroid Picture Frame:

I had a look on the forum that Mr Snood told me about but I was afraid to register as it keeps a record of Email and ip address. Archie told me I didn’t need to worry since its not connected to the government in any way. But mom how can anyone be sure their not monitoring it. Anyway he said he’d be happy to post for me until I felt brave enough to create my own profile.

forum welcomebizoo terms

He told me that some of the Kids are able to use telepathy and maybe that’s how Amber’s managed to understand me all this time. He manage to get her a hearing aid but she doesn’t like them.

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I’ve managed to get her to keep one in but she doesn’t talk any more than she used to. Mr Snood says it’ll just take time for her to get used to it and start learning the language from hearing it rather than telepathically. He showed me a print out of the replies he received on the forums. It seems like everyone’s learning as they go so I guess I’m not letting amber down by not knowing all the answers. Although I still feel pretty useless.

telepathy queryhearing problems query

I’m still working towards that A grade and Amber seems much happier.

I have a job now too. you’ll never believe it but Archie has a life changing secret and I guess now we’re in a similar position hiding something important from the world.

Anakin is not Archie’s only child he has twin Daughters and I am now their Babysitter only when he needs to visit the Agency though. They don’t know about the girls and he’s worried what might happen when the do find out. He say’s he was abducted but he doesn’t really remember. He recalls having a dream of bright colourful lights and mesmerising music and woke with a weird stomach ache that lasted a few days. The girls were a complete surprise. The good kind just like Amber was for me.

Amidala and Aayla are so cute and Amber loves them. She’s always happiest when she’s around them.

Polaroid Picture Frame: Picture Frame:

We are a bit like a family and it feels nice to belong somewhere again. Archie comes over everyday and eats my disgusting burnt attempts at food without complaints.

Polaroid Picture Frame:

I Miss you so much and I feel bad because It doesn’t hurt as much as when you first left. I don’t want you to think that I didn’t love you and don’t miss you because I’m happy even though your no longer here with me. I think about you all the time and wish you could be with us.

Love you loads,


(A/N. The Bizoopagoto is a real forum created for the purpose of the Alien Adoption challenge and its collaborations. If you are curious It can be found here..

I want to thank everyone taking part in the collab and those who’s bizoopagoto messages used in this update. And you for reading!) 


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    • Thank you so much for reading! I had so much fun playing this challenge and being part of the whole collab in general. I have been popping over to the bizoopagoto forum just to read the new posts. I really need to catch up on everyone’s stories soon feels like I’m missing so much.

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