Dear Diary: Move

Mom, I’m scared.

I just… Everything has been going great lately. Amber is so happy when we play she emits this beautiful rainbow glow and little sparkles its amazing.

I haven’t had much time for writing we’ve been concentrating on building her skills and just enjoying our time together. Which wont be much longer if I don’t get a shuffle on. I’ve been packing all day and managed to put the house on the market using one of those Online real estate agencies.

Polaroid Picture Frame:

I should start at the beginning.

07-13-17_12-46-34 PMAmber woke me around 3 am this morning and after I settled her back into bed I noticed a man at the door. it frightened me at first but he soon left. so I put it out of my mind.

07-13-17_2-20-14 PM

I didn’t think he’d seen us but since then we’ve had two other visitor come knocking. I don’t know if its the agency or just nosy neighbours looking to report us. I cant hang around to find out so were getting out of here.

I just need to get a few minutes shut eye we’ll leave as soon as it gets dark.



Mum you’ll never believe this but when I woke from my nap. I found a little girl in the house. She looked so sad. Even with the horns I recognised her Immediately.

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Amber… she aged up while I slept I knew she was trying to tell me something earlier but I just didn’t understand. I’m so sorry. We cant even celebrate coz we have to leave right away.

I managed to get us an apartment in the city and bought some stuff to change our my appearance. The stuff I got for Amber is all too small now but again she seems to have used her abilities and has managed to find some clothing that fits.

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So we are off to start all over again. Wish us luck,

Love you,



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9 thoughts on “Dear Diary: Move

  1. Oh dear, moving again is so rough. I love how amber is aging!

    It’s funny but the blue-haired onlooker looks a lot like my Lorna Drifter (though the door of course). But I like to imagine she was dropping by all concerned and offering help. 😛

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    • I know another rushed move. fortunately the last tenants (The Jangs) left the apartment fully furnished. At least I’m hoping they wont have a constant stream of visitors/ Unwanted neighbours plaguing them like in the last house.

      I like to think they were visiting since they never see anyone go in or out even though they hear a child crying at night and being good neighbours were just checking in. But we’ll never know since Sapphire just couldn’t take the risk.

      I love my little anomaly Amber she is going through a lot of changes. New home, New environment, New look. I think she’s adorable horns and all 🙂


  2. Oh my….strangers peaking in your window…yes, be safe, and move….Poor Amber, to be in a home and then up-rooted again. It must be tough, but Sapphire (love that name), seems to be quite good at thinking on her feet, with getting disguises and all. I can’t wait to read how they are doing in the city. Oh and Happy Birthday Amber!

    Liked by 1 person

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