Hard Labour.


I’m a mom!!!! I am mom to a beautiful baby Girl. Her name is Amaryliss (A-Marry-Liss) Mahan-Mai and yes I only had the one. Mahalo was so wrong.(Can’t lie I am relieved) She cries a lot but Mahalo spends the majority of time with her as I’m back at work. My gorgeous House Husband ❤

I’m Kinda gonna miss being pregnant. Mahalo Had become really attentive during the last trimester, Cooking me food, even reading to bump and you know what even though he went into parental panic he supported me and remained by my side during the long labour. He is a devoted father and bonded with our girl right away.

Things are much easier at work and I have created a lot of serums including a few tainted. I usually test them on myself but that Melanie is bugging me (always crying at her desk) so I’m tempted to start using her as my guinea pig. (I’ve already frozen her once hehe XD)

We have built a room in preparation for our little girl to move into once she’s out of the crib. So our home is pretty much how we want it for now. (Aside from a little decoration and the lack of a bathroom sink)

I have an idea in the works, Let you know how it pans out in the next letter (Haven’t even told my husband yet).

Hope you’ll be able to come see us soon, I really want you to meet Mahalo and Amaryliss. Take care.

Charlii Mai xx

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