The Stall

Hi Hun,

Thanks for designing Charlii’s Cupcakeria I really like it but I’m sorry I don’t think i’ll be the simself using it.

I opened the stall and had tons of customers. Everyone bought at least 1 trout dinner but at the end of my first day after serving loads of customers I realised they were selling for 0 simoleons.

Its a mystery to me how I went so long without realising (I blame this silly tablet checkout where no money actually exchanges hands). Well it’s fair to say my first day was a bust any way I decided to bake and sell breadsticks, Sugar cookies and brownies instead. But after another 24 hour’s I only succeeded in making 250 simoleons so with no chance of making a viable profit I decided it was best to sell back to the community. I’m Disappointed but at least I managed to get back my original $3’000 investment.

My relationship with Amaryliss is a little better. She greets me when I return from work and we talk about her day before she goes to bed (I have stopped doing overtime so I return home a little earlier than before). She’s going to be a teenager soon enough and I don’t want to miss out on anymore of her childhood.

I’ve got another money making scheme which is working out brilliantly. I’m sure I told you about my crystal collecting in order to create a new invention. If I didn’t well it’s called a cloning machine and well I don’t think it needs too much explaining. To build it I needed 2 common crystals. And boy was it difficult to get them even my colleges only had uncommon and rare crystals to spare.

Finally I had all the components I needed so now I am the owner of not one but two cloning machines. I use them to repeatedly clone one of the rare Crystals and sell the clones for $160 a time I’m doing great and am able to spend more time with my family now. Mahalo takes over when I need a break although he hasn’t quite got the hang of it.  He’s much better at cooking and does it all the time now since I set the kitchen alight. (Thank Willwright!! I had the Thingamyjigger)

I’m doing ok with the challenge. I’m a day away from my Adult birthday and I’ve managed $39’000 still a long way to go but I’m using the power of positive thinking. I’ll try to post a screenie once I’ve worked out how to take one of the achievement screen, otherwise i’ll just have to take a picture with a camera to upload.

This letter was a little longer than I had planned for it to be. Anyway Hope you feel better soon *Hugs*. Give my love to the family.

Charlii Mai xx

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>Next letter (So much has happened)>


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