Fish Suppers

Hi Charlii,

I’ve started on my stall. I didn’t have enough money to buy a restaurant so settled for a little stall here in Newcrest. It still cost all of the $3’000 plus I had saved but it looks ok. I intend to cook and sell the seafood both myself and Mahalo have caught, in the hopes of meeting that Rosebud total a little quicker.

Everything is finally set up all I have left to do is cook the fish and open up. I can’t afford the advertising. I reckon word of mouth should be enough, As it is the first food stall I’ve seen here.

Amaryliss is now a child and as close to her father as ever. I’m actually a little jealous of their relationship. I realise it’s my own fault I really should spend more time with her but work is just hectic and she’s usually in bed by the time I get home and on her way to school by the time I wake. I’m a terrible mum always making excuses but I promise I’m working on it.

I’m taking the day off work to cook and open up the stall. Crossing my fingers it will be a success. I do have a favour to ask though do you think you can design me a small restaurant.  I mean a stall’s ok,but I really want a proper establishment that I can pass on to Amaryliss when she grows up.

Lots to do 😀

Charlii Mai xx

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>Next letter (The Stall)>


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