Dear Diary: School dayz

Hi mom,

It’s been a few weeks since I last wrote but it’s been hectic. The only writing I do now is homework. I do miss writing my stories.  You’ll be pleased to know I’m working hard to get my grades back up. I’m getting B’s at the moment.

Amber on the other hand has been struggling at school. But we found out the reason why and I guess it probably explains why she doesn’t really talk (well except to Blarffy). Amber .. She’s deaf.

It was a total surprise she always listened and responded to the stories I read to her and she talked.. ok it was a few broken words here and there but definitely simlish. How could she understand me if she was deaf ?

Mr Snood thinks that the answer might be on the forum’s so I’m going to take a look tonight. And he’s also trying to find a way to get her some hearing aids just to see if it will help her.

got tons of homework to get through tonight and packed lunches to sort, Hopefully tomorrow i’ll have some answers.

Love you


<< found a friend           Answers>>





7 thoughts on “Dear Diary: School dayz

    • I love Archie. I think without him sapphire would be lost. Amber is going through so many changes. Remember Sapphire Is still a teenager with no knowledge of how to raise human children, So raising an alien is bringing so many challenges and questions while trying to keep them safe and keep up with her schoolwork. Thanks for reading!!

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  1. Oh, interesting! Also it’s great that they found out she’s deaf this soon. Now they can start teaching her sign language and help get her into the hearing impaired community at an early age. Or maybe she has some other form of communicating that they can find out.

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