Dear Cassia (letter 4)

In reply to Cassia’s 4th Letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann,

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Dear Cassia,

I’m so relieved you believe me and actually wrote back. I was sure I had lost you as a friend, my story is so far fetched I don’t think id believe me if I wasn’t going through it myself.

Please don’t blame yourself for my predicament, I don’t want to cause you any stress things for me are not that bad I’m focusing on the positives like you suggested. I know stress during pregnancy is really bad so stop that right away don’t worry about me your family and growing Nooboo are more important and I’m sure Jack would never forgive me if I let anything happen to you.

I’m happy you were able to lean on Christopher he is a good man and thank him for helping you understand my decision to keep my mum in the dark. I just think that if she believes I am gone she will be able to grieve and eventually get on with her life maybe even find happiness. She gave up so much of her life to look after me I don’t want her to spend the time she has left searching for me. And I don’t want you too either you have a family that needs you and I don’t want to cause of any trouble for any of you. Just having you to talk to means so much to me I couldn’t burden you anymore.

I’m glad you decided to include the pictures, It’s nice to be reminded of home. Dace is Such a cutie he looks a lot like you and congratulations on having a Daughter, Does she look like you too?

You ask what it’s like to live here. I guess it’s not too much different from home, still sand as far as the eye can see..

I haven’t seen much of the town yet so I cant comment much about it. Olive doesn’t leave the lot much either on account of her age. We have all our groceries delivered and olive’s Niece Ophelia visits sometimes to bring her anything else she needs. I struggle with her visits though she always tries to talk to me and my ears get hot and  my heart starts beating so loud and fast I can’t breathe and have to retreat to my room before I collapse. I don’t know what is wrong with me I’m used to having panic attacks but this just feels different.


I don’t want to make her feel bad I mean she has the sweetest kindest voice and the most beautiful smile but I get into this state and have to hide away in my room till she leaves.

I do have some positive news though. For the last few weeks I have been able to spend a little time outside. I was afraid at first since the last time I went out I ended up here, Thanks to Olive convincing me that it probably wouldn’t happen again and even if it did the light might take me back home.

We venture out at night but never leave the lot. At first we just tossed a ball around but now we tidy up the family plot it’s surprising how many weeds spring up each night. All down to the manifestations of the spirits visiting the mortal realm she tells me. I do believe her but I’m yet to see them.

13 24

I also made a new friend she has a beautiful glossy coat and I’ve named her Ruby. She comes by most nights and just follows me around while I mop up puddles in the moonlight. Ruby is a lovely stray dog  and a good companion when Olive goes to bed.

7 e

Olive is as much in the dark as I am about how or why I ended up here or how to get me back home she knows a guy in town that may have some answers so she’s going to call in on him soon. I don’t like talking to her about it I sense she feels down every time I bring it up. I get the feeling she was lonely before I arrived, She’s done so much for me I feel guilty imagining leaving her alone again. I feel like a selfish Plum because I just want to go home.

Enough about me tell me what’s happening with you. How’s Jack ? How are things going on the legacy front? How’s Dace coping with a new sibling?

Thank you for everything just knowing I have you in my corner makes this situation a little easier. Now stop worrying Think of the positives, I’m fine

Your Friend,


Ps. Olive gave me a pic of her and one of the manifestations.


Cassia (letter 5)>