Me and my Mahan


Well it finally happened Mahalo moved in. It’s nice having him here all the time although he does eat a lot. Hard to save money when he’s constantly at the fridge. Mahalo has taken over fishing duties and he’s not doing too badly.  I’m always so tired after work I don’t do much other than eat and sleep. I should stop doing the overtime really but we need the money and there’s barely enough time to get my work completed before clocking off time.

Mahalo proposed and we had a quickie No frills wedding.

Great News!!!  We are pregnant although it’s hard to believe from the pictures i have only just entered my second trimester. (Mahalo keeps suggesting were going to have multiples as my bump is already so big)

Work is stressful and I’m even slower than before waddling from one area to the next is tiresome. I am making some great progress Though I’ve upgraded the Thingamyjigger and can use mindcontrol but it’s not as much fun as I had hoped. Transform has become a little unpredictable too and should now be called firestarter as that is all it seems to do now. I am getting frequent promotion I’m hopeful that i’ll be able to keep it up.

Our home is really taking shape. We actually have a proper bedroom as we desperately needed the privacy, (We would never have got this bump otherwise) Neighbours were and still are passing by at all hours of the day and night so I guess we’ll never be lonely.

Look forward to hearing from you, Kiss the kiddies for me *Hugs*

Charlii Mai xx

09-18-15_10-10 AM 09-18-15_10-20 AM 09-18-15_10-16 AM 09-18-15_10-11 AM 09-24-15_9-14 AM-3 09-18-15_10-23 AM 09-18-15_10-24 AM 09-18-15_11-23 AM 09-21-15_9-02 AM-3 09-21-15_9-48 AM-3 09-21-15_9-49 AM 09-21-15_9-49 AM-2 09-24-15_9-48 AM09-18-15_10-51 AM

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