Day 1: Sapphire

Sapphire was greeted at the door by her father. He looked exactly as she remembered all those years ago. She wondered if he was surprised by how different she looked or just couldn’t care less. seemed like the latter as he barely even acknowledged her.

It was a lamest greeting of an uncomfortable wave followed by a Sul sul. Then he turned and walked into the house and she followed.

06-30-17_11-50-53 AM

” Where’s my room?” she asked stepping past him towards the stairs. Without giving him a chance to answer she shouted. “Forget it I’ll work it out Ollie” 

06-30-17_11-52-07 AM

If she’d looked back she would have seen the exact moment his heart broke.  she checked out the rooms on the top floor of the house and was concerned to find a room full of toddler stuff that looked almost brand new. “Does he have other kids, a wife, A family ?” Sapphire felt uncomfortable at the thought that she was invading a happy little family. She unpacked her stuff and lay on her bed.

06-30-17_12-44-50 PM06-30-17_12-47-22 PM06-30-17_12-48-02 PM06-30-17_12-48-26 PM06-30-17_12-59-06 PM

She almost wet herself when she noticed Ollie stood in the doorway.

06-30-17_1-00-01 PM

“Hey Gem, can we talk?” he asked with a sadness in his voice. It stirred a memory and she recalled the last time he’d called her his little Gemstone right before he’d left her 7 years ago. ” Sure, Ollie” Sapphire smiled sitting up on the bed to make room for him.

06-30-17_1-02-17 PM

“lets start with that, When did I stop being Dad. Oh… I mean… I know I haven’t been around much and i know i havent been much of one lately but I’m going to make up for being such a huge waste of space. I can’t get my head around it actually i just don’t like you calling me Ollie, like I’m just some guy. I’m Dad. Your Dad. So please call me Dad.”  

Ok ,Whatever”

“I’m really sorry about your Mum, you know i always have and will always love her.. And you. I’m here for you whenever you need me. 

” Sure Dad!”

“One more thing, tomorrow everything going well We’ll  have another addition to our little family. I’m in the process of adopting a child and well i guess it’ll be easier for you to understand if you read the paperwork.” Ollie handed Sapphire a couple of crumpled sheets of paper and left her to look over them. “Let me know if you have any questions” he ruffled her hair as he stood up from the bed.

06-30-17_1-03-04 PM06-30-17_1-01-08 PM

Sapphire didn’t know how to feel he’d abandoned her and was now adopting alien babies. This was insane.


Sapphire woke to the low hum of a vacuum and loud rumble of an empty stomach she went downstairs and made herself a bowl of cereal.

06-30-17_11-17-58 AM

She watched as Ollie darted back and forth around the room straightening things up. “Bet you weren’t in such a panic waiting for me. I’m just your actual child.” she  grumbled before curling up on the sofa and drifting back off to sleep.

06-30-17_11-19-17 AM06-30-17_11-19-57 AM06-30-17_11-15-42 AM

She was rudely awoken by someone or something reminiscent of a small dog trying with difficulty to climb on top of her.  She sat up and found herself face to face with a cute little giraffe with a big beaming smile.

06-30-17_11-10-55 AM06-30-17_11-07-05 AM

It was infectious she couldn’t help but smile back. As the adults went about their business Sapphire sat with the little Giraffe and listened as she babbled. She couldn’t understand her but remembered the Babysitting tips her mom had taught her. All Babies need:

  • Food
  • Drink
  • Sleep
  • Love, attention and security
  • Entertainment/mental and physical stimulation

Sapphire grabbed a bowl of animal cookies and placed them on the coffee table next to the Wabbit tablet her dad had placed there earlier.

06-30-17_11-37-37 AM06-30-17_11-37-15 AM06-30-17_11-43-03 AM


Sapphire took in her surroundings Lots of beautiful green trees, bushes, plants. The lush landscape was very different to her home town of Oasis Springs. It was nice much cooler. There weren’t many people around so Sapphire decided to try her hand at fishing. She’d head into town later to buy herself a journal. Cassie Goth (Her therapist) had  recommended she write to her mum as though she was still around. It may help or it may not but it was worth a try. For now a lazy afternoon is just what she needed.

06-30-17_1-06-17 PM06-30-17_1-07-10 PM06-30-17_1-07-21 PM


Sapphire returned home to deafening screams. she followed the sound to the toddlers room and found a distressed little monster screaming and thrashing about the room. Ollie was nowhere in sight.

06-30-17_1-54-48 PM06-30-17_1-55-08 PM06-30-17_1-56-04 PM06-30-17_1-56-37 PM

Sapphire scooped up the little girl and whispered in her ear. ” Hey little Gemstone, I’m gonna call you Amber and be the best big sister you ever had.”  She took her little sister to her room, grabbed a book of the shelf and started to read.

“Once upon a time…”

06-30-17_1-57-22 PM06-30-17_1-58-29 PM06-30-17_2-03-29 PM06-30-17_2-04-08 PM06-30-17_2-07-41 PM06-30-17_2-08-14 PM06-30-17_2-10-56 PM

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4 thoughts on “Day 1: Sapphire

  1. Sapphire is beautiful! And I love the hair that you chose for Amber.
    Poor lass is going through a rough time – I admit I was worried that she wouldn’t get along with her new little sister, but they look as thick as thieves already 🙂 So sweet ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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