Dear Diary: Entry 1

Hi Mom,

Polaroid Picture Frame:

I Miss you, I feel stupid doing this but right now I have no-one else to talk to.

Went to live with Dad and he made it a whole 24 hours before messing things up and letting me down. I really don’t know what you saw in him. I can’t stand him. I guess how I feel isn’t important as he’s gone again anyway. 

Polaroid Picture Frame:

On the plus side I’m finally a big sister all those years of me bugging you for a little brother or sister I’ve finally got what I wanted and she’s just so Adora-bubble. Her name is Amber and well it’s just the two of us. 

We’ve only been together a short time but I love her so much. She has such a sunny disposition which is funny since she is literally the colour of the summer sun.

We live in the old neighbourhood just up the street from our house. Remember the Mann family house well its right where that used to be. our place is much smaller but its fine since I’m not able to work. I used the money you left me to buy it and Dad’s Ollie’s credit card to pay the bills. 

Yes I know what you’d probably be worried about me missing school but I’m not worried about that yet I have some vacation days I’m gonna use and pull the odd sicky. I can’t send Amber to daycare coz.. well .. She’s a little different and i’m worried someone will report us to the authorities. They want to take her Mom. I can’t let them take her. I just cant… I wont… 

I did forget to lock the door when we first got here and she managed to sneak out. I found her out back mess-making with paint and glitter. I don’t know where it came from or where it disappeared to after I got near her. (I think she may have some special abilities !!!) I appreciate just how lucky  i am that no-one saw her out there.

She’s been a bit sad today and I just can’t figure out why. I ‘ve done everything I’m supposed to.  Although the sad moodlet seemed to come shortly after I locked the door do you think she has an issue with being confined?

I’ve decide dto set up a schedule so we have a set routine to follow i’m hoping this way i’ll be able to manage her needs and keep her happy.

Amber timew table

Amber’s finally asleep so I’m gonna go get my head down before she wakes up. Talk to you tomorrow.

Love you,



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