Dear Cassia (letter 7)

Written shortly after receiving  Cassia’s letter

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


My Dear Cassia,

People always say things get worse before they get better, So why is it always the opposite way for me.

Better… I joined the penpal projects and gained friends

Worse…. I was taken from my home

Better… I fell in love and married the love of my life

Worse…. I was bitten by Ruby

You probably think my new worse doesn’t compare to being taken from my home and family. But its the worst thing to have ever happened to me as no good can come of the changes I’ve gone through.

How do i write this? How can I show you the absolute horror of my situation?

A few weeks ago I had another nightly visit from Ruby, She seemed quite distressed and wouldn’t come over when I called her into the yard, So I went over and tried to comfort her and she bit me so hard she drew blood, She turned and ran away and hasn’t been back since. A few days later I had a fever and felt under the weather We thought the wound had become infected. I felt so bad I even contemplated visiting a doctor but when I went outside my eyes hurt and my skin was scorched by the sun.


Oh Cassia I told you I hadn’t heard the rumours of the existence of vampires but now I know them to be the truth  as I have become one, I’ve become one of the foul demons that prey upon others. I know what I must do!!

Thank you for being my rock,Cassia my dear  friend.


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