Space Exploration

Hi honey

I bought the Wormhole generator home and made my first attempt at space travel It was pretty interesting lots of collectables. which I wasted no time stocking up on to use in the lab.

Didn’t happen upon any of the locals but   did spot Rocket and had a few words with him about his responsibilities and fatherhood. He asked if I could bring Micah next time I visited.

I took both Micah and Eden on my next trip although Eden was afraid and refused to move out of sight of the wormhole Generator, Micah was inquisitive and rushed around looking at everything until he bumped into his father I left them to get aquainted until it was time to leave.

On returning home Rocket became a regular visitor and even reconciled with Amaryliss (They are now married and he has moved in) We are planning to add a room or two to accommodate our growing brood (Rocket didn’t bring any money as his father, Stepmum and sisters still reside in the family home)

We now have a household worth of around $250,000 It’s been hard work. Without the cloning machines I don’t think we’d have done so well. I am now level 10 in the scientist a career. Mahalo is yet to be promoted and Amaryliss is still writing.

I’ll write again after the renovations are complete and things settle down again.

hope you are all well

Charlii xx

10-16-15_1-23-07 PM 10-16-15_1-31-32 PM 10-16-15_1-35-57 PM 10-16-15_2-06-59 PM 10-16-15_2-22-00 PM 10-16-15_2-18-32 PM 10-16-15_2-18-42 PM 10-16-15_2-30-01 PM 10-16-15_12-54-41 PM 10-16-15_12-55-29 PM 10-16-15_12-55-08 PM 10-16-15_2-39-18 PM 10-16-15_2-41-26 PM 10-16-15_2-41-55 PM 10-16-15_2-40-29 PM 10-15-15_11-23-12 AM 10-15-15_11-23-19 AM 10-15-15_11-26-17 AM

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