Last Letter


Hi charlii

Great news I’m a great grandmother. Micah and Ivy have had their first child. Ivy eventually moved in she was reluctant to sell her childhood home but she came round and just in time too she was in her third trimester. Laney Mahan-Mai is a beauty.

Angel is now a hard working teenager, She’s a B student but she also works part-time at Prom Queen Clothing store. she’s still close to Jackie those girls are inseparable.

Ivy is a level 9 scientist I’m shocked when I found out I felt so inferior I worked so hard my entire adult life to get to level 10 and she made it to level 9 as soon as she entered Yadulthood. I’m happy for her and the family bank balance but that EA handing out top level careers like cake at a party it so disheartening to us elders.

Yep I am an elder now it was a little weird both me and my daughter at the same life stage. I decided to give the youth potion a miss this time I mean  I am a great grandmother (with another great grandbaby on the way) and now I look the part.

I guess this is the last letter as it seem I have achieved my goal without even realising. I was concentrating so much on my growing  family that I stopped checking my progress. I just want to thank you all for reading my letters it’s been one hell of a ride but now I can slow down and concentrate on spending my last few years with my children and grandbabies.

Wish you all the Best. Happy Simming ❤

Charlii Mai xx

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