First letter

Hi There creator.

I’ve just moved into this well very empty lot. I think we picked the perfect location in Newcrest just across the street from a public toilet. There’s a lake picnic/grill area and even a little kiddies jungle gym (Not that I really need one of those yet, I’m just thinking ahead. :-D)

Since you’ve chosen me to do the Rosebud challenge I’d better get acquainted with the rules. I really want to do it right so maybe you’ll pick me to do other challenges.

I’ve sent a few pics so you can see how I look now. I’ve had a little makeover  I look a little different to when you last saw me, Nothing major just new outfits and a new hairdo. I think I look a lot more like you now (I should do really I am supposed to be your Simself. Lol)

As this is the first letter of many and well you and I know I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me. I’m gonna keep this one brief because I do need to get started.

I’ll try to write at least once a month and send you tons of picture’s to keep you updated on my progress.

Hope you and the family are doing well,

Write soon xx

Charlii Mai

09-16-15_8-27 AM-2 09-16-15_8-29 AM 09-16-15_8-29 AM-2 09-16-15_8-29 AM-3 09-16-15_8-29 AM-4 09-16-15_8-29 AM-5 09-16-15_8-29 AM-6

> Next Letter #2 (Me again)>


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