Dear Diary: Entry 2

Hi Mum its been about a week since I last wrote, Been really busy with Amber. I’m following the routine and it seems to be working well. She’s a lot happier.

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Me on the other hand am stressed out and my grades are starting to suffer. I used all my vacation days and I think the school is onto me. They don’t believe I’m really sick  anymore.

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To make things worse now we are wanted criminals… ok not criminals but have been on the news lately. I changed our names from Purdue to Patterson and have had to move to a new place where we wouldn’t be so easily discovered.

I should have known better than to move back to Oasis Springs the neighbours are far too nosy and would have given me up in a heartbeat for a minute of fame.

breaking news

They’re saying that Amber has a rare medical condition and needs urgent lifesaving treatment and thats the reason behind her unique appearance. I know this is all down to Ollie he’s the only one who knew her name. I wonder what they offered him?

This whole thing is his fault. I hate him. He Sucks big time!!

Our new place cost a little more than the last one but it used to belong to a childminder and has a few things left over that are perfect for a toddler. It’s a little run down and way too colourful but Amber loves it, Its starting to grow on me. 

Amber is thriving she has already mastered potty training. She’s still clingy but I’m glad cuz it means she sticks close so I don’t need to worry what trouble she’s getting into.  Although trying to use the toilet with an audience is gonna take some getting used to.

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I wish I could take her out to the park to play sometimes, I feel like I’m going stir crazy locked in the house but until they stop looking for us I can’t risk going out even for groceries.

We have the internet so are able to get things delivered and the delivery guy is happy to leave our stuff on the doorstep.

I’ve started writing and self publishing my stories to earn money. I use the pseudonym Invisible Plumbob  I’m not making much money at the moment but hopefully when my skill improves that will change. I really enjoy it. Amber is my test subject she seems to understand the stories and responds, although she’s still not talking.. well nothing i can understand anyway. 

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I love you and miss you so much mom. I wish you could be here with us. 

I’ll Write again soon,

Love Sapphire 


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