A Letter to Tazer 1541z

In reply to Giuliana’s First letter to Dusk.

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode

Bedrock Strait

Oasis Springs


Hello Tazer 1541Z,

  Thank you for choosing me to be your Pen Pal, I would consider it a huge honour to be your pen pal and friend.


An Anti bulling club is an Important addition to any school I think, I wish someone had started one when I was younger.  I know I don’t go to your school but a club with only one member seems awfully lonely also I’ve never been a part of a club before would you accept me as an unofficial member.

What a clever strategy, get the bully to join then he will stop bullying. I hope your successful in recruiting him.

The city looks really big in the picture you included and it does indeed have many tall buildings . How do you keep from getting lost?  I live in the desert,  there are lots of actual mountains and not as many homes as there seem to be in the city yet it is full to the brim with so much people I feel over whelmed just imagining going out there.

oh, I never thought that the mountains could be home for trolls, Troll apartments filled with trolls getting ready for the day. playing trolls forever on the rock computer hiding away from the humans. I think I’d fit in there. Nope that was the old me, the lonely friendless Dusk now I have a friend, I have you.

Does it rain much in the city? Have you ever seen a thunderstorm? I was asked that very question myself and have now added it to my special list of things to experience. I’d also like to jump in puddles wearing  rain boots. It doesn’t rain here, we have light sandstorms occasionally where the winds whisks up the orange sand and sends it swirling up towards the sky creating a dusty fog. Picnic’s are no fun here as sandstorms happen with no warning. Maybe that’s why the most popular picnic food items are called Sandwiches!!

You want to be a pirate when you grow up. Exploring the hidden sea’s of the Madagascar. Ahoy there Cap’t Tazer, ready the sails and set a course for mermaid cove.

I always thought I would be a chef when I grew up and have my own restaurant. My mum is a caterer and a great cook. She was going to teach me all of her best recipes except fried tilapia ( It’s disgusting !) I’d be Chef Mann and my restaurant would be called Mann the Kitchen!




I have really enjoyed writing to you. Having a friend is awesome.

I’ll be on the lookout for your next letter Cap’t Tazer 1541z

your friend,

Dusk Mann.

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