So much has happened

Hi Charlii

A lot has happened since I last wrote. I’ll try to keep it brief.  My baby became a teenager and a writer she’s had a few books published and used the royalties to get a new look the rest she adds to the family funds it’s really helping us to reach our goal . I’m so proud of her she’s working so hard she’s got herself a few penpals and is collecting postcards, She never seems to leave the house. I think it’s because she doesn’t want to spend any of the money we’ve been saving. Which makes me feel awful.

I’ve been promoted a few more times I’m only a few promotions away from the becoming top of my field. I’ve created a wormhole generator as well as the satellite and try to contact aliens regularly with no success.

I’ve upgraded both the Thingamyjigger and the cloning machine and can now clone humans.

So I’ve done the unthinkable and made a clone of myself. She named herself Heaven so I now have a little sister she’s lovely but was miserable for the longest time. she wanted her own identity you see, so I bought and gave her a slimming potion and allowed her the use of cas to change her appearance. I did warn her that changing the way she looked would not solve her problems only getting out in the world and meeting people / doing things would help. She was given life now its up to her to live it.

Heaven has finally taken my advice and got herself a hobby (painting)and a job as a tech guru. (She works with Mahalo I know he’ll look after her). She has also taken quite a liking to the Mailman Zachariah Glover.

I have added a couple of screenshots of my progress (before heaven joined the family). I’ve started cloning serums now as I’ve created a few that sell for around $950 each.

Talk soon  xx

Charlii ❤

10-01-15_10-16-40 AM 10-01-15_11-40-19 AM 10-01-15_11-35-49 AM 10-01-15_1-30-25 PM 10-14-15_5-44-40 PM 10-14-15_9-49-25 PM 10-14-15_9-49-41 PM 10-14-15_10-09-35 PM 10-14-15_10-09-37 PM 10-15-15_12-07-11 PM 10-15-15_12-08-30 PM 10-15-15_1-15-51 PM 10-15-15_1-21-03 PM 10-15-15_1-21-58 PM1 day before my adult birthday

Shortly After Amaryliss’s birthday (teen).

> Next Letter (Getting Older)>


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