Dear Cassia (Letter 5)

In response to Cassia’s 5th letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,



When I read your letter I was Angry I couldn’t believe you would go against my wishes and contact my mother. I told you how I felt and it seems like you just didn’t care. What kind of friend would just disregard my feelings and just do what they wanted no matter who they hurt.

When I managed to calm down I read your letter again and could do nothing but cry. I was the one hurting my mum all this time. I was the one breaking her heart not letting her know I was safe. I should know her better than anyone why didn’t I realise that she would blame herself for not being able to save me.

I want to Thank you for doing the right thing for my mum. I understand why you did it and It was definitely the right thing to do.

I told Olive what you’d done and she cried, she confided in me that she had also lost a son, He disappeared and she had no idea what happened to him. She said she wishes she’d had someone like you to let her know he was ok. She has remained tied to the house her entire Adult life hoping that he would return.

There is nothing to forgive. Now it’s my turn to worry about you. What’s going on with you ?, Is there something wrong with the Nooboo?, Or you said you need a friend has something happened to Jack?.  I’m really starting to worry hope this letter reaches you soon I need to know you are ok.

Your friend,


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