Letter 7 Continued.

Dear Cassia,

You don’t know me but I’ve heard so much about you. My name is Ophelia I am Dusk’s wife. I know it must seem strange that I have snuck a letter into your correspondence with Dusk but I’m desperate and am in need of your help. I discovered him out in the sun writing his goodbye’s Knowing full well that in his current state sun exposure is life threatening. We are trying to keep him positive while we search for a cure to his vampirism. I know you have a knack for helping him remain calm and find the good in any situation no matter how bad. I know this situation is particularly dire but we may be able to find a way to give him back his life.

25 26

During his transformation he lost control and bit me, Even though I wasn’t hurt or affected by  the vampirism he hasn’t been able to forgive himself.

28 29

Although he has changed physically, Dusk is still the sweet, loving, nervous man he’s always been . He has not become the deranged evil beast he believes himself to be and hasn’t lost control since his transformation but he’s really struggling and So am I,


I hope when he realises the people he loves have not given up on him it will give him the strength to continue to fight to get his life back, Our life back.

I hope you can see past his new life State and remember that he is still the same man, in need of his friend’s support more than ever. Sorry to burden you but I just don’t know who else I can turn to.

Yours sincerely,

Ophelia Nigmos-Mann

PS. Sorry to ask you to do this but As Dusk is not aware I wrote to you, Please don’t mention my letter to him.

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