Dear Diary: New Entry

Sorry Mom It’s been a long time since I last wrote. A few Months actually.  I’ve been so busy and asleep on my feet most days.Polaroid Picture Frame:’m ok though, The stress of everything is just catching up with me. Being the only adult in the family is hard work. Trying to juggle school, housework, homework, cooking and looking after Amber is difficult and she doesn’t do what I ask. Archibald told me I needed better parenting skills to be able to influence Amber’s behavior and actions so I bought some books but found them too complicated to understand.

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I’m not saying she’s a bad kid in fact just the opposite, She’s really helpful at times she’s my dish washing elf. I usually find the stack i leave near the sink all shiny and clean when i wake in the morning. I just don’t know how to get her to do her homework!!

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She is a lot happier in general though especially since we got rid of the hearing Aid. she was complaining of headaches, Actually she was somehow sending me images, very painful images that stopped once we threw away the Aid. Now I get lots of colourful images with sound. And she spends all her time at the Keyboard. she even eats there instead of at the table with me.

I thought she wanted to learn to play but it’s not that. she says Anakin (the neighbour) hears and sings songs with the others. But she can’t hear them.

It makes her feel sad and alone. Like she doesn’t belong anywhere. I tell her she belongs with me but I know that’s not what she means and there’s nothing I can do to make her feel better.

Our grades are slipping again. I’m tense all the time (no time for fun) I did get to go to the Geekcon festival although since we were at school we missed most of it.

The hour we got to hang out was a lot of fun Amber played Blik a Blok and bought herself a Tofu-dog.

She seemed to be attracted to a lady in a princess Leia outfit. Then she said something weird about Lady Mama’s Happy baby Green loves grilled cheese and red flowers hat.

I don’t know?  I didn’t understand it at the time but when Anakin came over for movie night he told us about some of the others. Some blue, purple and green and their favourite food is grilled cheese. I wonder if she was one of the adoptive parents? It’s not important I’m just happy Amber feels connected. She may not be able to hear or communicate but they all have the same love of grilled cheese and she can sense the others when she’s near someone close to them.

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We are doing good not great but as long as we are together, We can do anything!

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Love you Sapphire

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