Home sweet home

Hi Mum,

We arrived home and were greeted by Archie and the twins. I gave him a key to our apartment. he’s been like a big brother, he’s the best friend I’ve ever had and I trust him completely. He has contacted some guy from the agency and although they have no information on Mr Jang they will now be investigating him so we should have no reason to worry.

It’s was the twins birthday and we slept through it. I feel bad but I plan to have a party at ours to celebrate since it’ll be my birthday in 4 days we’ll have a joint celebration. Oh and great news for them they are no longer in hiding Mr Landgraab has made a promise to include them as a part of the umbrella protection plan that they have for the kids of the project. They get specialised medical treatment if it becomes necessary and support  but only if Archie agrees. He’s declined for now but says he’s keeping his options open.

I’ve been feeling quite lonely lately. I do have Archie, he is always phoning, and dropping by to invite me out but it’s not the same as having a friend outside of the family. I have been looking into pen pals. I think it might be nice to share with someone that can reply to my letters. no offense to you. Anyway I’ve sent out a ton of postcards to places like Bridgeport, Appaloosa plains and Midnight hollow  I’m hoping to receive a reply soon.

Anyway we have a ton of catching up to do. Homework, Housework the fun never ends.


Love you,

Sapphire xx


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