Getting older

Hello Honey.

I’m Sorry I’m not writing as often as I promised, Something is always happening and I never seem to have the time to sit down to write. Amaryliss met a boy at school and had her first boyfriend she spent all her time at his home (Told me she was studying with friends). I finally found out about him after I noticed she was wearing a promise ring.

I had a little success with the wormhole generator, contacted Aliens as I do everyday at work imagine my surprise when out stepped Rocket Futura (Amaryliss’s boyfriend) He ran off before I got the chance to speak to him. I’m not too sure what to do about it maybe it wasn’t even him. (was it just my exhaustion making me see things? My colleagues claim they didn’t see anything at all)

Amaryliss and Mahalo both had birthday’s that I missed due to being engrossed in my work and inventions. I used a youth potion to give myself a little more time. I had planned to give one to Mahalo but clean forgot.

Both Amaryliss and Heaven are pregnant so I’m going to be both an Aunt and a grandmother. Soooo Excited !!!

I’ve had my co-workers building the rocket and it’s almost complete so a trip to Sixam is planned. Thanks to the satellite I have discovered the receptionist is an Alien in disguise. She’s a sweet girl we talk a lot so I’m happy to keep her secret.

Hopefully next letter i’ll be able to tell you about the newest additions to the family.

Charlii xx

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