Dear Cassia (letter 2)

In response to Cassia’s Pen pal letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,



Hi Cassia,



Wow your legacy project sounds very complicated but I think it’s nice that you have a family tradition that will be recorded/remembered throughout history, Knowing so much about your ancestors must be amazing too. It’s just me and my mum and we don’t know much about the Mann’s before us except this tradition about first born males having  the name Dusk Mann. My grandpa used to say he’d tell me the secret when I got older but unfortunately he passed away before getting the chance.

Maybe in the future I’ll be able to visit Rambler county, It sounds like a huge place and knowing the history and it’s connection to you will make it more fun.  Your family has a restaurant too. I always wanted to be a chef and open my own restaurant we don’t have one in our town well not yet anyway. I already have that on my list way down the bottom with attend culinary school. My list is quite long and being added to regularly it’s mainly small stuff like go outside, Say hi to a neighbour, Use the internet. There are a load more personal goals but I feel a little too embarrassed to share them. Although I will be attempting to go outside today, just to the mailbox to post this letter wish me luck!! My palms are starting to get sweaty. Mum thinks I’m pushing myself to do things too quickly but if I don’t try  nothing will change.

I’m glad you have Jack, Christopher and the newly arrived Nooboo to brighten up your life. I think I understand what you mean, you have an expanse of space and familial obligation but not a lot of people around to share the burden with.

There are only 4 houses in Bedrock strait. We don’t have any next door neighbours there is only an empty lot but a short walk up the street there are 2 more houses I’m not sure if there are people living in them currently. I’ll have to ask my mum when she gets in from work.

From my window I can see the house across the street its a trailer. Some guy by the name of Johnny lives there I only know because he’s always knocking our door trying to get mum to listen to him practice his stand up routine.



Bedrock strait


View from my window


Johnny Bugging mum again


There’s not much else out here, a lot of sand living in the desert there’s not too much else. Oasis springs does have a commercial district where all the shops and businesses are. There is a park too, I remember I spent a lot of time there after school Climbing the monkey bars and talking to the frogs.



Me catching frogs in park


Mum and Grandpa Dusk


Me, Mum and Grandpa at the park



I love Jacks new pad Quite a step up from the bowl (maybe it could be his holiday home). It makes me think of the big houses near my old high school in Skyward palms. In fact Allera’s home looks like it would fit perfectly alongside the beautiful mansions. One of my Bullies Nina Caliente and her family lived in that rich neighbourhood.  I hated walking past those houses even though they were beautiful homes the people they housed were not.

A Toilet in the middle of the lot that must get awkward with all the passers by,  They must get quite the show when your bursting to go! XD

This letter is much longer than I expected but you are so easy to talk/write to stuff just comes flooding out though my pen out of nowhere.

Since you have just added a Nooboo to the (good) chaos I’ll let you get back to him or her.

Congratulations to You, Christopher and of course Jack on the new addition to the family.

Take care, All the best.

 your friend,


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