Dear Tazer 1541z

In reply to Giuliana’s second letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann,

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Hello Tazer 1541z,

You are a fantastic pen pal, I like you too and reading about you and what is going on in you life is something I look forward to so don’t feel bad about that. It’s a good thing you get too busy to write, just means you’ll have plenty of stories for me when you do find the time.

Mum’s are smart though don’t forget to listen to her and even though she gets mad its only because she loves you. I miss my mum I even miss her telling me off and the way she Growled at me like an angry bear when I made a mess in the bathroom.

You ask how I am, I’m a little sad because I’m far away from my home. I’m not sure how got here but I now live in a place called Strangetown it looks a little like the desert where I used to live but it’s also a lot different. It’s a really strange place. I’ve heard a lot of weird things happen and a few unusual people live here. It really is a different time in this Strange Town.  I wish I was brave enough to explore but I just want to go home I really miss my mom but at least I still get my letters so I can still talk to you.

Ohhhh and you mention you have a favourite Mail mistress I should tell you I have a special mailman of my own he’s going to make sure I get all my letters from you and that you get mine. He’s a little scary looking but he’s really a nice guy. Although You probably wont meet him (he’s shy).


I have a new friend also her name is Olive I live with her in her house and she cooks me Mac and cheese, It’s her favourite food. I have started going outside too. I was really afraid at first because the last time I did I was taken away from my home and woke up here. We play kicky ball outside at night she said I was going stir crazy stuck in the house all the time. That was after she caught me dancing around in my underwear with my Lampshade helmet on So perhaps she was right.

16 13 49

Sounds like you’ve got a lot of great new members in the Now Stop Bullying, Stupid! club I’m happy to hear that. Maybe if you get enough members the city will become a bully free zone and bullies will become an extinct species like the dinosaurs.

And your reading Robinson Crusoe did you know that story was inspired by a Royal Navy officer called Alexander Selkirk who had been left on a island by his captain with a few necessities and he managed to survive on his own for 5 years. Can you believe it?  Really interesting stuff.

How have you been my young pirate friend? Tell me what’s your favourite thing to do in the city? Is there much to do?

With all those bright lights and tall buildings can you see the stars? Do you know that Most stars are between 1 billion and 10 billion years old and the smaller they are the longer they burn/exist. I look at them every night and try to find the smallest star I imagine my Mom and friends looking at those same stars so we are all still connected even though we are so far apart.Screenshot

Thank you for the letter

Your friend,


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