New Additions

Hi Charliimai

Amaryliss went into labour and met Rocket at the Hospital He didn’t stick around though and completely missed the birth, She went through it all on her own I was so angry, But then I met the little tyke Micah Mahan-Mai. He’s beautiful.

Heaven went into labour soon after she also had a little boy that she named Eden. She and Zachariah moved into the empty lot next door. I miss her loads I don’t see her much anymore, but at least she’s happy with a family of her own.

I created another clone but that ended badly. Curious as she was she got gobbled up by Molly Moo My cowplant. I may need to fence Molly off, Micah spends a lot of time playing with her and I’m worried he’ll end up the same way as Tiana

Amaryliss is writing and making good money from the royalties. They’re available in the stores now look out for them.

  • Newcrest heroes: Ma’s life
  • RoseBud and other short stories
  • From Bud to Bloom
  • Baby Bud and me
  • Micah and I: The first year
  • Rosey Buds: A life challenged
  • Lord Micah and the Dragon
  • Fun science: Experiments for kids
  • Spaced out: Charlii’s Adventures in space
  • One: A Mystery

I look forward to your next letter talk soon.

Charlii xx

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> Next letter (Space Exploration)>


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