Dear Cassia (letter 8)

In response to Cassia’s letters Letter 7 and letter 8 to Dusk.

Mr Dusk Mann,

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Dear Cassia,

 Sorry for my last letter I was in a pit of despair and self loathing that I just could not crawl out of and didn’t comment on the letter you had sent about your wonderful family they are growing up so fast and I’m happy you have Christopher to share your experiences as a family once again. I appreciate you sharing your opinion on Ophelia and her wanting to return home with me. I do struggle to see things from others points of view but you have a way of putting it into words that make it clear to me. I will consider it again when things are better.

My turn to give you my opinion. Getting a telescope for young Dace is a marvellous idea. I too love to spend time looking at the stars they are one of the great wonders of the universe and link us all. I had been learning a little about them myself. Did you know that some of the stars are between 1 billion and 10 billion years old? So the ones you see are possibly the same ones I’ve wished upon since I’ve been here.

Renovating the park does look like a lot of work but I have complete confidence in you, That park will be glorious when you finish it.

Thank you for your honest letter it bought me to tears knowing that you still care and I will be sure to pass on you best wishes to Ophelia and Olive.  I’m still struggling to find a positive in the situation though but I am really trying to stay strong. you all have so much faith in me,  I cannot give up until I find a cure.

Dace sure is a smart and resourceful boy, How old did you say he was ? Unfortunately although plasma fruit is an amazing development, In this time science hasn’t advanced much and Plasma fruit does not yet exist. Yet I refuse to throw in the towel.

I have heard stories of a mythical beast in 3 lakes who may have the power to help me become human again. Its going to be difficult as it is a journey I must take alone (As you said it’s going to take hard work and determination). I still fear the world outside my home but I must do this for my family, friends and myself. Due to my affliction I can only travel at night though and must avoid being seen at all costs (as I don’t know how others will react to me). Honestly it makes the idea of being without my Ophelia a little easier knowing that I will not have to associate with strangers.

You have been the most amazing friend to me and I don’t know where i would be without you. There’s so much more I want to write but I fear if I carry on my tears will leave this letter unreadable. Thank you for everything Cassia Hopefully next time I write i’ll be me again and on my way home to thank you in person.

You friend Dusk

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