Dear Cassia (letter 9)


Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis springs,


Dear Cassia,

I have returned to Strangetown after my travels to  Three Lakes. However it was unsuccessful.


I discovered a map buried near the tourist campsite and travelled to the Hidden Burrow and discovered the beast hidden in a small wooden shack.

f h i

He communicates through dance and  I was somehow able to understand him.


We danced for hours and when he felt he could trust me he called upon a friend of his who had met others with my issue that he thought may have some answers for me.

m l to

He examined me and we talked but he knew of no cure. He told me my only option was to embrace my new self and learn to master the powers that come with it. He did however give me an experimental formula that allows me to survive on regular foods.

p q r s

So I have now returned home to my beautiful family. Who have found another lead,  A Gypsy who has a potion to cure the supernatural curse. We will contact her later today and with luck I will be sitting in the sun writing the next letter to you.

Hope you and the little Minnows are doing well.

Write soon.

Love Dusk.

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