Dear Tazer 1541z

In response to Giuliana’s 3rd letter to Dusk

Mr Dusk Mann

20 Agave Abode,

Bedrock Strait,

Oasis Springs,


Hello Tazer 1541z,

Sorry for making you feel sad, I do miss my mum but I’m feeling a little better My friend Olive always cheers me up when I feel sad with a big bowl of Mac and cheese and there’s a stray dog that comes to visit me at night too.

I do miss my mum and I know she misses me but I feel better now because a very wise friend of mine told her I was safe even though I was silly and told her not too. (My friend is a mum too, Remember I told you mums were smart)

I’m trying to get home but I don’t know how. Do you believe in Magic because I do and I think something magical happened to me one night. I’m not sure exactly what happened but somehow I’ve travelled into the past. It’s not too much different to home and the people I’ve met are nice.

I’ve never been good at math or chess for that matter. All those Numbers and chess pieces just confuse me. Good thing you have your Dad to teach you.

 I hope you get answers to your questions about time maybe if I knew a little more about it I’d be able to work out how to get home.

I like NOW! when you write it the word stands out so you know it means something really important and you cant help but pay attention to NOW! the club. I like it.

Now! its time for me to go.

 Next time  you see a shooting star it’s me sending you a smile from the past.

Your friend,


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