My Dear Tazer 1541

Dear Tazer,

I know its been sometime since we last wrote to each other but you have been in my thoughts throughout the past few months and even more so now.

As I sit here beneath the beautiful blue sky and admire the shapeless wisps of cloud,I reminisce over our letters and friendship that has bought me nothing but joy and lots to think about. You taught me so much.

Do you remember you told me that time was like a blanket?  Well my big blue blanket has become a  balloon and it is taking me to a place where time no longer exists. Where i will be surrounded by the people i love, my family both past and future.

You told me Death makes you feel sad. but right now my heart burns with so much love and happiness I feel like the biggest star about to become the Brightest supernova. Death is not the End for me it’s just my transitional period between this life and the next.

You have been a wonderful Pen Pal friend to me. I thank you for showing me the beauty of life through fresh eyes.

I hope you achieve all your dreams.

Keep Smiling Capt,

Love Dusk