Dearest Dace (3)

Mr Dusk Mann,

114 Wood Street,

Moonlight Falls,



Dear Dace,

I decided to take the Risk and open the portal. A blue haired Dude popped out and offered me a Silver book called a time almanac he explained that once i arrived safely on the other side it would give me advice and locate my family.

The only problem was i would need to complete a set of tasks before i could enter the portal. They were unusual requests but i did as i was asked.

When i arrived at my destination it was clear to me that this was not my future.


Using the Almanac i tracked down my relatives and visited their home they were not willing to answer the door so i went exploring instead I came across some unusual plants that grow glowing crystals of coloured emotion, so mesmerising I made sure to collect a few. Maybe I could find away to send you a few samples I’m sure your just as curious as I am as to what they are.

The sun was starting to rise and you know how good that is for me, So i returned to the home of my descendants.  The door was answered this time however the teenage boy that greeted me became angry and refused to let me stay he warned me to return to where I had come from or I would not live another day.

I don’t have to be told twice so i returned home through the portal which seemed to self destruct as i fell through.

Startled and a little bruised i returned to the house and was visited by the spirit of the Blue Haired Dude who apologised to me I didn’t understand at first but then he explained. The portal was a trap created by Lakshmi the Gypsy to get rid of me once and for all. It was not a doorway to the future it was just a place she had created that would trap and eventually kill me and any other vampire that was unlucky enough to enter. He went on to inform me that he’d had no choice,  Lakshmi had complete control of his physical body and he was unable to break free of her with no choice but to follow her orders.

Thanks to the Unusual Tasks he’d duped me into completing he was able to free himself of the shackles she had put upon him and would now be able to move on to the spirit realm.

I’m back to square one but its not at all bad. I still have my family and my unorthodox Life.

Dear Dace ( letter 4)>>


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