Dear Dace (7)

Dear Dace,

I have both Good news and Bad. I’ll start with the Bad news first.

When I last wrote I had discovered the lost sarcophagus and opened it believing that I had successfully completed the quest. What I was unaware of is that the sarcophagus contained a mummy. When it was released it attacked and cursed me with yet another sleeping curse it trapped me within the sarcophagus. I took its place while it went free to do whatever damage it could to the world.

When I awoke a few days ago, I was underground in some kind of lost city being watched over by others of my kind. The mummy was a destructive force that had destroyed Al Simhara, a place that no longer exists in this time. It is now no more than a mythical place in stories. The mummy was eventually vanquished which ended my curse and set me free.

The first thing I did was venture out to experience the new world and become acquainted with my new reality. I sat in the park i visited as a child and looked back at my long life I have been blessed more than I ever realised . I have had some amazing friends and a beautiful family, I feel so fulfilled.

I still had the time almanac and decided to try it out as i just really wanted to be around my family. I followed the directions the almanac gave me and it led me to a familiar house. with a young lady outside tending to plants. The almanac listed her as my great great something granddaughter. I mustered up the courage to go over and speak to her, Had she been told about me and our family history? Would she believe my story if i told her? Would she be afraid of the Vampire that stepped out of the shadows Bushes?

03-20-17_5-39-28 PM03-20-17_5-39-42 PM

I was immediately stopped in my tracks as she turned around and scooped her baby son up in her arms. “Hello my little Mann” she greeted him as my mother had always greeted me.

How is this possible? I’m asking you my little genius.

How can it possibly be?

Dawn…. My mother Dawn…. is it another cruel trick the gypsy programmed into this piece of crap almanac?  How can my family line lead back to My mother and me?

A warm hand grasped my shoulder and told me he’d been waiting for me. I closed my eyes… that voice. I never thought i would hear it again. My red eyes hurt as they filled with tears for the first time in centuries.

Grandpa Dusk… He handed me a book and held my body in an embrace that felt like it could wash away the hurt and pain of all the years i’d been without him.

He whispered “You are finally home my boy. This book is now yours it tells our story of the Mann legacy this will allow you to see how special you are, How important you are and have been to every generation of the Mann family. Without you we would not be.”

His body became limp and he slid to the ground. I sat down beside him distraught until another old friend came to take him on the next step of his journey.

I pleaded with him,begged him not to take my grandpa yet. It was not his time I know this because my grandpa didn’t die till I was 12.

My old friend took pity on me and even agreed to my next request.

I am the first and the last Dusk Mann. It started with me and so that is how it will end.

This will probably be my last letter to you for I have decided to try to come visit you in person (Just to make sure you are ok). I know it is a few years before you are even born but i have decided to take one final journey with assistance from my dear friend Grimm.

I shall meet you at the park your mother built tomorrow night.

See you soon,  young Genius,

Love your friend,

Dusk Mann,

Goodbye Dace >>


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