Dear Dace (6)

Dear Dace,

I’m still writing these letters hopeful that you will receive one and write back. I promised your mother that I would look out for you and I feel I am failing in that promise. Grimm has assured me that you are still alive and that he has been delivering the letters to the correct address and time although he has not seen you to collect any return correspondence.

Over the past few months my quest has taken me all over I have visited Champs Les Sims in france and Shang simla in china. I am now at the final stretch I have found and now entered the tomb of the sphinx it is a perilous place. Littered with the bones of those who have previously attempted and failed.  I have encountered many frightening traps that have taken the lives of many before me. But I must stay positive.


Oh Dace I have found it I have found the sarcophagus.Wish me luck I will hopefully see you on the other side.

Take care of yourself,

Your friend,

Dusk Mann

Dear Dace 7>>


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