Dear Dace (5)

Dear Dace,

I am officially an adventurer. I arrived in Al Simhara where the sun shines so brightly I was almost turned to dust before reaching camp. I took shelter in a tomb nearby before setting out on the first part of my quest.

I took a little time to visit the market for supplies and something to help with the thirst. I did not pack enough plasma packs but I was amazed to discover that the food merchant had a large supply of a new discovery called plasma fruit.

I remembered you suggesting it so I bought one to taste and to my delight not only are they delicious but my thirst disappeared. I Immediately relieved him of his entire stock of plasma fruit. I’m fairly sure he overcharged me as he took all the money i had for around 20 fruits but you my fantastic friend have helped me discover a fantastic treat that will make my life a little easier. (The thirst has been the hardest thing to manage)

I thought I would have more time to write but each task is followed by another equally or more demanding.

The tasks require that I enter different tombs and retrieve a set item and return it to its rightful owner who then gives me the next task. It is hard and I miss my family and my Ruby so much but I know I have to power through. When I reach the end goal it will all have been worth it.

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I hope this letter finds you well. I am starting to worry that I still have not heard from you. I hope its just because you are too busy and that you are not in any trouble. I will do as your mother would tell me and  Remain positive.

Hope to hear from you soon,


Dear Dace 6>>


6 thoughts on “Dear Dace (5)

    • I’d like to think it’s something like that or maybe a case of the letters just being misplaced. I don’t think Dace would just intentionally ignore his mom’s other best friend (Jack being her number 1)

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    • This little convo helped move Dace’s story along and I do answer the question of why they had so much mail trouble (eventually). So thanks for mentioning it Cathy and Charlimae, otherwise we may have had one big honking plot hole. ☺.

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