Dear Dace (4)

My Dear friend,

How are you? I have some exciting news!! I have discovered a cure for my affliction. All the time I have spent searching and the answer came to me. It came to me in the body of a Voodoo witchdoctor by the name of Mmeki the Voodoo princess. She just came right up to me one night after another successful plasma raid of the local hospital and handed me a note.Mneki''s note.pngI followed her to a crooked house near the mountains and she told me she had been interested in the mysteries of the Mann family since she had been asked to place a curse on the Gypsy.

We talked for a while and I told her the whole story about my abduction and arrival in the past, My vampirism and search for a cure.

She told me about the Sphinx of Al Simhara and the Quest of Hatshepsut the reward for completing the quest is it grants a wish no matter how impossible to the person who discovers the lost sarcophagus. If I was to make the journey and survive the adventure I could wish to be human again.

I am leaving Ruby in her care for I know life as an immortal can be a lonely one and they will always have each other to care for.


I am heading out in the morning.  I just need to say my goodbyes to my family as it is a treacherous journey and I may not survive it.

I Hope you don’t mind if I continue to write while on this quest. I fear I will lose my sanity if I’m not able to keep up my correspondence. And this way If I am successful then you will be the first to know of my good fortune.

Wish me luck!!

Dusk Mann

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