Dear Dace (2)


Mr Dusk Mann,

114 Wood Street,

Moonlight Falls,



Dear Dace,

I still haven’t heard from you.  I hope you and your sisters are doing well. Its been a few years since the last Letter. My family and I are getting on great and have had a fantastic few years, They are amazing and watching them grow right before my eyes and having a part in the people they are turning out to be has been a blessing one I am truly thankful for.

Little DJ and Tia have both had birthdays and are becoming a little less dependant on their old grandpa so I rarely see them these days my unusual sleep pattern also attributes to that since I sleep all day and am awake all night. While due to school and friends and of course the fact that they are human they do the opposite.

I’ve been gardening and running a lot to clear my head and I’m starting to enjoy some of the abilities that come with this supernatural affliction my favourite is super speed although it makes skating somewhat impossible.

We do try to have a family outing every once in a while. I have gone overboard with pictures but I just love them so much I cant help but want you to see them.


Our last outing was to celebrate all hallows Eve and  while the kids were enjoying the haunted house. I met a young lady who actually complimented me on my realistic Vampire costume and proceeded to tell me a story about a Witches Coven here in town. The story as she told it is an old tale meant to scare children into keeping their curfew and goes like this “Over by the Graveyard in a cottage near the woods lives a witch and her cronies. A regular house from the Outside but inside sits the witch cursed to live forever for her crimes against another. Steer clear of that road for she turns anyone she catches into toads.”

I Laughed at first but was soon left wondering if there was any truth to it. So I went searching for it. Maybe this Witch would be willing to help me. Oh but before I forget I discovered from my Granddaughter Tia that the young lady that told me the story is actually a kid from her school and would you believe her name is Annie Rambler!!!

It took some time but I did find the house and Annie was right it is a lovely little cottage you would never believe it belonged to a supernatural being.

I knocked the Door and was invited inside. I did not believe for one second that the white haired lady was an old witch until she spat at me and introduced herself as Madam Lakshmi Wilson.

I felt Shock and sadness followed by an intense rage I’d never gone through so many negative emotions in the space of a single minute before in all my undead life. She had been the reason I had missed out on being a father to my child Amore.



What was even more shocking is she Apologised can you believe it she actually apologised for what she had done to me. I don’t know if your mum mentioned but when I was first turned and seeking a cure we found a gypsy who offered us a potion to return me to my human form unfortunately it turned out to be a poison that put me to sleep for a couple hundred years. Apparently well at least she claims she was cursed by Grimm for taking away my chance at life so he in turn robbed her of the peace of Death and a place in the afterlife. She has been cursed with  “Longevity of life” until she can make up for the pain she caused. So Strange all the times I see him he’s never mentioned this. He really is a great friend.

Although she has no way to help cure my vampirism.Her Coven has discovered a portal to the future. As a way to earn forgiveness she gave me the portal and instructions as a gift to use  when I was ready to return to my own time.

I am reluctant to trust her knowing how much hatred she bore towards me and still does as she called me some foul disgusting names as I left her lot (Thank you Super vampire hearing!!).


I’m torn though what if she was telling the truth and this portal thing is my way home?

My family don’t want me to leave so I cannot mention it to them until I’ve made a decision I’m asking for your advice what do you think i should do?

Your Friend,


Dearest Dace>>



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